Aplin Martin Planners and technical support team shape neighbourhoods to create more equitable, efficient and inviting places for present and future generations. We are innovative thinkers who ensure our design solutions are functional, viable and in the best interests of our Clients and the community.

We offer conceptual planning, policy analysis, subdivision layout, public facilitation, application processing, and technical writing to our Clients.

Based in the heart of Surrey City Centre, the planning team works closely with Municipal staff, developers, City Mayor and Council and our clients to fully understand and define local planning concerns in order to develop creative and customized plans and designs. Our planners have worked within urban, rural, agricultural, and First Nations communities across BC and Alberta, working alongside the Municipalities and our clients understand what makes the community unique.

Unlike many private consulting firms that offer either public policy or private development services, Aplin Martin has a highly regarded reputation for providing high-quality, responsive services to both the private and public sectors and clients and municipalities of varying capacities.

Current Projects

Croyden Business Park Development, South Surrey, BC

Aplin Martin is the prime consultant for two proposed business park developments along Croydon Drive.  Planning and Architecture are working to establish new employment buildings on site, taking into consideration current parcelization, BC Hydro Corridor, Habitat at the headwaters of Titman Creek and the Grandview Heights Sanitary Interceptor.

Farm Workers Houses, Delta, BC

The Aplin Martin Planning Group is assisting Windset Farms to secure permits to build farm workers housing to support their growing greenhouse operation.

1 Acre Subdivision On Septic, Redwood Heights, Surrey, BC

Aplin Martin is the prime consultant for a proposed subdivision in South Surrey.  Our Planning and Engineering groups are working to establish an on-site septic system to allow for the 1 acre subdivision.  The project includes a variance to allow septic on properties less than one acre.

Single Family Subdivision, 16th and 168th St, Surrey, BC

Aplin Martin is the prime consultant for a proposed 65+lot subdivision in South Surrey. Our Planning and Engineering groups are working to establish a road network and lot layout that respects the topography, arterial roadways and BC Hydro corridor as well as incorporates and responds to the rural character of the area.

Land Use Planning, Surrey, BC

Retained by the Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure to provide land use planning and municipal engineering advisory services in the municipality of Surrey and surrounding areas. Services include providing planning to advise on rezoning or other development applications, as well as creating engineering reports regarding site servicing or new access configurations.

Grandview Heights, Surrey, BC

Neighbourhood Planning process in the Grandview Heights, Surrey, BC, considering existing infrastructure and land use, as well as accounting for topography and natural landscape to develop sustainably.

Storm Water Managment, Surrey, BC

Advancement of a 104 lot subdivision through Surrey’s development approvals for Canadian Horizons Investment Corporation, implementing innovative storm water management techniques and steep slope design principles.

Abbey Ridge, Surrey, BC

Aplin Martin is working with several applicants proposing redevelopment in Surrey’s newest Neighbourhood Plan area, Abbey Ridge. Advancing 50+ lots north of the highway through Surrey’s Development Approval process.