Revelstoke Mountain Resort

Our involvement with Cabot Revelstoke in the development of the Cabot Pacific Golf Course at Revelstoke Mountain Resort was a remarkable undertaking that demonstrated our commitment to excellence in civil engineering consulting services. We were also commissioned by Northland Properties and Revelstoke Mountain Resort, located approximately 5 kilometers south of Revelstoke's City Center, to provide Civil Engineering consulting services for a critical infrastructure project. This included the design and construction of a new 1.68ML Water Reservoir, Supply and Distribution Dual Water Main, Pressure Reducing Station, and upgrades to an existing Booster Pump Station, emphasizing our dedication to the resort's water infrastructure.

The development of the Cabot Pacific Golf Course presented unique challenges and opportunities. Working within the mountainous terrain with a significant elevation change of 285 meters, we had to design a system capable of withstanding up to 400 psi of pressure. Additionally, the golf course layout needed to be optimized to harmonize with the existing hillside terrain, ensuring minimal environmental impact on sensitive areas such as wetlands, creeks, and streams. Our extensive scope of work included Stormwater drainage modelling using PCSWMM, thorough assessment of existing infrastructure, and the design of drainage infrastructure that featured culvert design, sub-drains, and infiltration rock pits. We meticulously crafted the irrigation pond and conducted site grading reviews and cut/fill analysis to prioritize eco-friendly practices and sustainable water management. These efforts culminated in the successful realization of a well-designed golf course that harmoniously balanced functionality with environmental preservation. Our commitment to adhering to industry best practices and fostering safety and functionality within the Revelstoke community and its water infrastructure remained at the forefront of this ambitious project, ultimately contributing to its success and the enhanced experience of visitors to the resort.


Revelstoke Mountain Resort




Civil Engineering, Planning


Ben Rawlinson, P.L.Eng., AScT