Cineplex Winston Park VIP

In 2018, Cineplex Entertainment set its sights on a grand transformation of their Winston Park theater in Oakville, Ontario – a 24-auditorium masterpiece in the heart of the GTA. Building on the prior year's successes in the concession and main entrance areas, Cineplex aimed higher, enhancing the movie-going experience by renovating existing auditoria, updating finishes, introducing new recliners, and revamping washrooms. The ambitious vision included creating a D-box auditorium, revitalizing the theater street, and introducing a VIP lounge for an elevated cinematic adventure.

Facing a tight schedule and the challenge of maintaining 65% operational capacity, APLIN MARTIN (formerly STUDIO INTERSEKT INC.) took the lead as prime consultants and coordinating professionals. Working in tandem with Eomac, the contractor, and partners SWS Engineering, Inviro Engineering, and Hammerschlag & Joffee Inc., we meticulously planned the project, from concept to construction, ensuring minimal disruption to operations.

Against all odds, the fully renovated theater emerged as a holiday gift to Oakville, opening its doors to an eager audience just before Christmas. A achievement of collaboration and efficient planning, this project showcases the vision and execution.


Cineplex Entertainment






$3 Million


Evan Westerby, DAT