Fraser Highway Arterial Improvements

The Fraser Highway Arterial Improvements project was a significant endeavor. Aplin Martin's primary focus was to enhance the road while ensuring minimal environmental impact. The Capital Works team was tasked with widening a 2.6-kilometer stretch of Fraser Highway from a two-lane road to a five-lane one, incorporating provisions for pedestrians and cyclists. This development spanned from George Junction to 148 Street and was strategically aligned with the forthcoming Surrey to Langley Skytrain (SLS) project.

Aplin Martin was deeply involved in ensuring that the road enhancements didn't disrupt the local ecosystem. Managing the streams that were critical for salmon spawning and coordinating with major transmission infrastructure from BC Hydro and Fortis posed significant challenges.

One of the most challenging aspects was accommodating the varying land heights and property configurations along the route. Additionally, we encountered the unexpected obstacle of an old concrete road buried beneath the ground that required careful handling.

Aplin Martin's involvement extended to facilitating discussions with the government to secure funding for the project. We maintained a fast pace, managing to expedite the launch of Phase 1 within two months and initiating Phase 2 within six months of the project's commencement. This enabled the project to proceed swiftly and successfully.

Ultimately, the Fraser Highway Arterial Improvements project exemplified our commitment to upgrading infrastructure while safeguarding the natural environment and synergizing with other significant projects like the SLS Skytrain.


City of Surrey




Civil Engineering


$25 Million


Jeremy Hanson, P.Eng.