208 Street Corridor and Willowbrook/212 Connector Project

The widening of 208 Street / Willowbrook Connector from 64 Avenue to 76 Avenue marks a significant milestone for the Township of Langley's Willoughby community, presenting a transformative solution to the area's pressing transportation needs. As an essential initiative to foster sustainable growth, the project will not only address critical transportation deficiencies but also provide crucial utility services to support the community's development.

Further enhancing connectivity, the introduction of the new 212 Street Connector linking Willoughby to the upcoming Hwy 1 Interchange at 216 Street is poised to create a robust and integrated transportation network within the community. The comprehensive project scope encompasses the extensive widening of 2.65 kilometers of road, with a significant transformation from a 2-lane cross-section to a 5–8 lane cross-section, along with the strategic upgrade and construction of key intersections and road segments.

Emphasizing sustainable and multi-modal transportation, the project incorporates dedicated bike lanes, pedestrian-friendly greenways, well-planned floating transit stops, and robust infrastructure for effective road drainage. Despite the complex topographical challenges, such as grade differentials across a wide road cross-section, our team successfully navigated the design intricacies, including the implementation of substantial lock block and SierraScape retaining walls reaching heights of up to 6 meters.

Our dedicated efforts also encompassed addressing property impacts, coordinating franchise utility relocations, and managing various environmental and Agricultural Land Commission permitting requirements. Tackling additional hurdles related to storm detention strategies in response to the impacts of climate change, meticulous construction staging, and effective project budgeting further underscored our commitment to delivering a comprehensive and sustainable infrastructure solution. Adapting to the evolving project landscape, we remained agile in responding to changes in the municipal mandate, recalibrating our designs and project delivery methods to accommodate alterations in project phasing and scheduling.

With Phase 1 tendering slated for June 2023 and Phase 2 tendering anticipated for Spring 2024, our continued dedication to this transformative project remains unwavering.


Township of Langley




Civil Engineering


$65 Million


Jeremy Hanson, P.Eng.