Our extensive involvement with the residential community project in Leduc, Alberta, has been a cornerstone of our work at Aplin Martin, where we've provided comprehensive civil design and contract administration services. Over the years, our survey group has played a vital role, contributing legal and construction survey services to facilitate seamless project execution. Since 2016, we've taken charge of the design and construction management for several stages, including 7B, 9, 10A, 10B, 11A, 11B, 12, and 14A, overseeing the servicing of approximately 500 residential lots. Notably, the construction of a 1.5-kilometer long offsite sanitary trunk line and lift station has been a significant highlight of our contributions. As the project progresses, we are currently engaged in providing preliminary design for the upcoming stages, demonstrating our continued dedication to the project's success. However, our journey has not been without challenges.

The overlapping storm and sanitary basin boundaries within the development, coupled with the dynamic housing demand for specific product types, often required modifications to previously determined staging sequences, posing complexities in servicing strategies and downstream infrastructure capacities. Consequently, we undertook rigorous analysis to minimize and defer offsite expenses, prioritizing design flexibility wherever feasible to adapt to the evolving project requirements. Specifically for survey, to proactively tackle potential challenges, we collaborated closely with Jayman Living, strategically overlapping legal survey activities with lotting design.

This proactive approach enabled us to identify and implement operational efficiencies, effectively reducing servicing costs while enhancing the accuracy of preliminary lotting and layouts, thereby minimizing overall survey expenses. Our multifaceted role has included comprehensive services such as Subdivision Lotting and Design, Tentative Plan Preparation, Subdivision Application and Approval, URW Plan Preparation, Document Preparation, Application for Endorsement, and Legal Plan Registration at Land Titles. Additionally, our responsibilities extended to facilitating Construction Survey activities and overseeing the successful implementation and discharge of the Home Owner Association, demonstrating our commitment to delivering a seamless and comprehensive project experience for the Southfork Community.


Jayman Living




Civil Engineering, Survey


$14 Million


Lindsey Trufyn, P.Eng.