Cranston Phase 81 - Multi Family Site

Our dedicated team is involved in the onsite engineering processes for a multi-family site comprising of 178 units in the southeastern region of Calgary. The engineering team meticulously crafted detailed designs for grading, interior road networks, stormwater management facilities, and deep utilities, considering the high density of row townhomes on the site. With various unit types presenting specific grading requirements and the presence of a significant 6-meter grade change across the site, a comprehensive examination of all aspects of site grading and servicing was imperative.

Collaborating closely with the architect and developer in the preliminary project stages, we actively contributed to the development of a practical site plan that could be serviced without incurring substantial costs. However, the project was not without its challenges. Managing the diverse unit types, accommodating the considerable grade change, and addressing the restricted surface storage of stormwater resulting from the elongated townhouse buildings demanded meticulous planning and creative engineering solutions. Despite these challenges, our commitment to delivering an efficient and effective site plan remained unwavering throughout the project's lifecycle.


178 Unit Multi-Family site


Brookfield Residential




Civil Engineering


$2 Million


David Baker, P.Eng.