Northland Mall

Working on the development project spanning a 14.7-hectare site in the City of Calgary presented intricate challenges. The project consisted of three lots, including the centrally located McDonald's lot, necessitating deep site services placement within the City of Calgary Utility Right of Ways. Our responsibilities extended to the design and construction oversight for various components, such as the main mall building housing multi-family units, commercial structures, an office tower, and an integrated plaza area, along with both underground and above-ground parking facilities. Managing the complexities arising from the significant number of existing mains on site and the need to ensure the uninterrupted functioning of certain buildings during the construction phase demanded meticulous planning and precise execution.

Overcoming the site's limited stormwater release rate, due to the capacity constraints in the mains in Crowchild Trail, required the installation of underground tanks to meet storage demands. Additionally, to cope with the surface space limitations, we oversaw the installation of a large underground electrical vault. Collaborating closely with various stakeholders, including the Owner, Architect, Electrical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, and Structural Engineer, we diligently ensured the timely delivery of all project deliverables, navigating challenges related to stormwater capacity restrictions, active mains during construction, and the incorporation of a sizable underground electrical vault.


14.5 Acres


Primaris Management




631,620 ft²


Civil Engineering


$7.2 Million


David Baker, P.Eng.