Chipotle Mexican Grill Port Coquitlam

APLIN MARTIN (formerly STUDIO INTERESKT INC.) has enjoyed the privileged position of being Chipotle Mexican Grill’s national consultant for almost 2 decades. Amidst the challenges of the pandemic in 2020, Chipotle entrusted us with the task of expediting their first-ever Chipotlane free-standing building outside the USA in Port Coquitlam, BC.

The selected 50-year-old building presented a significant challenge due to its deteriorated condition, demanding extensive exterior modifications and a complete interior overhaul to align with the Chipotle brand. Despite the pandemic-induced material supply chain concerns and scheduling delays, Chipotle urged the team to maintain an aggressive timeline for this groundbreaking project, being the first of its kind beyond U.S. borders.

Undeterred, APLIN MARTIN (formerly STUDIO INTERSEKT INC.) spearheaded the project as prime consultants, overseeing design and coordinating engineering and site development, from concept through approvals and construction. Working in partnership with Alfred Horie Construction, along with valued partners Kubik Development, assisting with Planning approvals, our local affiliate Spiro Design, Rimkus Engineering and SNC Lavalin, the team was able to strategically plan, accelerate approvals, and sought alternative solutions to navigate the challenges and ensure success.

The transformed store not only met but exceeded expectations, opening on schedule to a thrilled assembly of Chipotle lovers.


Chipotle Mexican Grill






$1.8 Million


Evan Westerby, DAT