Burger King St. Thomas

In 2021, Redberry Franchising, the master Franchisee for Burger King in Canada, embarked on a remarkable journey by acquiring a 30-year-old store in St. Thomas, Ontario. The aging building, plagued by significant issues, cried out for a transformation, and Redberry decided to transform the site with the new Canadian Burger King Prototype designed by APLIN MARTIN (formerly STUDIO INTERSEKT INC.).

Facing challenges from the outset, the redevelopment encountered delays due to the pandemic's impact on the Site Plan and Building Permit stages. Supply chain concerns further complicated matters, posing a threat to the project schedule. APLIN MARTIN (formerly STUDIO INTERSEKT INC.) led the project as prime consultants, overseeing design and coordinating engineering and site development, from concept through approvals and construction. Collaborating seamlessly with Cinric Construction, along with partners MHBC Landscape, KWA Site Development Consulting, Engineering Link, and Millennium Engineering, the team carefully planned the project for success by expediting the approval process and working in close collaboration on-site with Cinric Construction to facilitate the sourcing of alternative equipment and materials.

The Burger King opened its doors on schedule to an eager crowd of happy and enthusiastic patrons.


Burger King






$5 Million


Evan Westerby, DAT