Aplin Martin’s affiliated Survey and Geomatics firms have been providing reliable survey services for a range of engineering, commercial and residential development projects since 1968. Taking on a variety of projects from legal boundary re-establishment, to topographic surveys for development and building permits, down to monitoring and high precision surveys, our certified BC Land Surveyors at our affiliated survey firm, Murray & Associates, are exactingly thorough. We are proud to announce the edition of our Edmonton Aplin Martin Geomatics team, whose leadership boasts a combined 40 years of experience working with clients across Alberta in the land development and commercial construction industries.

The Survey and Geomatics teams liaise with municipalities, engineers, architects, planning and legal professionals, providing spatial, boundary, and title information as required for land use, development and environmental protection. Providing consultation on Aplin Martin’s wide range of projects, as well as for their own clients, the Survey and Geomatics teams establish the foundation and parameters upon which strong solutions are built.

Legal Surveys

  • Boundary re-establishment
  • Subdivision & Consolidation
  • Buildings & Bare Land Strata
  • Air Space and Volumetric Surveys
  • Land Act surveys of Crown Land
  • Right-of-Way, Easements & Covenants
  • Commercial Building and Land Leases
  • Building Location Certificates
  • Ownership & Historical Tracking of Title
  • Determining Limits of Accretion & Erosion
Control Surveys/Engineering Surveys

  • High Precision Surveys
  • Monitoring Surveys
  • Building construction and Gridline Layout
  • Civil Construction Layout
  • As-constructed Surveys
  • Horizontal & Vertical Control for Digital Mapping
  • Topographic and Tree Survey
  • Digital Elevation Models
  • British Columbia
  • Alberta

Current Projects

Land Survey and Geomatics Services Alberta

Aplin & Martin Geomatics Ltd. (Aplin Martin) provides land surveying and surveying services from our Edmonton location. Our team in Edmonton have over 40 years of combined industry experience, and strong ties to the land development and construction industries in the capital region. They have been involved in numerous projects in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors throughout the Province. Our Land Surveying and Geomatics team works directly with clients and with our engineering, planning and architectural teams, providing a seamless service. Our integrated and collaborative approach means project timelines and budgets are met in an effective manner.

Legal Surveys

Our land surveying team provides a variety of legal surveying services for residential, commercial and industrial clients. From single lot subdivision to multi-phased large community developments, Aplin Martin can meet your development’s survey and plan registration needs from cradle to grave. Our services include:

  • Boundary Surveys
  • Subdivision Surveys
  • Building and Bare Land Condominium Surveys
  • Strata Surveys
  • Right of Ways and Easements Land
  • Title Documentation


The experience of Aplin Martin’s construction survey team brings quality and precision to every construction project. The team draws on experience from large industrial settings to subdivision engineering layout, consistently providing quality surveys for clients and contractors. Our services include:

  • Shallow Utility Layout and As-Built Surveys
  • Engineering Layout Surveys
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Site Layout Staking
  • Building Construction Layout
  • As-built Surveys Control Surveys
  • High Precision and Monitoring Surveys

Legal Surveys

Aplin Martin provides a variety of products for homeowners, builders and developers to facilitate building projects and real estate transactions. Our services include:

  • Real Property Reports
  • Development Permit Surveys and Plot Plans
  • Home Construction Stakeout
  • Lot Grade Stakeout and Lot Grade Certificates
  • Multi-Family Stakeout
  • Infill Developments
  • Fenceline Stakeout
  • Lease Areas
  • Block Face Surveys

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