King East Phase 2 Subdivision

Our involvement in the comprehensive residential project encompassing the development of 171 new residential lots has been an exciting venture for us at Aplin Martin. The project's technical features include the integration of new municipal roads, alongside the incorporation of essential components such as storm sewers, sanitary sewers, and water mains along these roads, enhancing the overall infrastructure of the community. Notably, the construction of a 1650mm diameter bypass storm sewer was a significant highlight, facilitating the efficient conveyance of existing overland flows within the pipe, further bolstering the site's stormwater management capabilities. Additionally, our team implemented on-lot LID features, emphasizing the importance of achieving water balance criteria for sustainable and environmentally conscious development.

Aplin Martin played a pivotal role in preparing all essential civil engineering deliverables, including the site grading plan, site servicing plan, stormwater management report, and erosion and sediment control plan, all crucial in supporting the Subdivision Agreement. Moreover, our commitment extended to providing comprehensive civil contract administration services during the construction phase, ensuring the smooth and efficient execution of the project. Despite the challenges presented by the coordination and approval processes from York Region for work on King Road, as well as the intricate task of integrating an existing overland flow route into a 1650mm diameter concrete storm sewer, our team remained dedicated to overcoming these obstacles and delivering a successful and sustainable residential development.


Total Site Area = 9.0 ha Residential Lot Count = 171 Lots New municipal road = >1,000m Storm bypass sewer = 1650mm diameter Water Balance = Infiltration swales/galleries and 300mm topsoil


King East Developments Ltd.




968752 ft²


Civil Engineering


$110 Million


Chesley Blahut, P.Eng.