Hastings Sunrise East Sewer Separation - Phase 1

The opportunity to contribute to the design and construction of more than twenty green infrastructure amenities, such as dry-wells and curb bulges complemented with raingardens, was a significant highlight for us at Aplin Martin. Additionally, we successfully completed the design and construction of over thirty concrete pedestrian letdowns, integrating meticulous curb work. Our role as the Engineer-of-Record for the project involved providing crucial civil engineering support to the City of Vancouver, facilitating the smooth execution of the design and construction of various green infrastructure elements and curb bulges. However, we faced certain challenges, including navigating around several existing underground utilities located adjacent to the raingardens and dry-wells. Furthermore, the intricate nature of the green infrastructure amenities added an extra layer of complexity to the construction process, demanding careful attention to detail and precision in execution.


Sewers Portion: Replacement & Separation of approx. 2.1km of sewers that range in diameter from 200mm to 1050mm and was designed to accommodate the increased loads caused by the climate change. GI Works was distrusted over 5 key blocks / areas that where strategically picked based on their infiltration properties that were verified on several occasions and were designed using updated techniques with collaboration with the City's newly formed Green Infrastructure division.


City of Vancouver




Civil Engineering


$15 Million


Roy Skeet, P.Eng.