A&W Galway Plaza

In 2022 A&W came to APLIN MARTIN (then STUDIO INTERSEKT INC) as their national consultant, with a challenge to join them in an ambitious project located at the Galway Plaza in St. John’s Newfoundland. Building a new ground up restaurant in the heart of St. John’s wasn’t the challenge. The project's uniqueness lay not just in building from the ground up, but in navigating a tight schedule amid a disruption at city hall, affecting the municipal approvals process. To add to the complexity, the team faced the harsh winter conditions while striving to meet A&W's stringent store opening targets.

APLIN MARTIN (formerly STUDIO INTERSEKT INC.) embraced the challenge as the prime consultant and coordinating professional. Despite winter challenges, we, along with RCS Construction, Fougere Menchenton Architecture, Rimkus Engineering, and Thomas A. Fekete Limited, strategically expedited the permit process and completed the exterior before snowfall. The result? A&W's new restaurant opened on time, showcasing our team’s ability to handle complex ventures, overcome obstacles, and bring ambitious visions to fruition.


A&W Food Services of Canada






$1.2 Million


Zachary Myers, Architectural Technologist