Mar 4, 2024

The Workshop Podcast is Live

We are incredibly excited to announce that the first episode of the official Aplin Martin podcast, The Workshop, is live!

The Workshop is hosted by Julian Cesario, P.Eng. who joined the Aplin Martin family 7 years ago upon completing his post-secondary degree from Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University)

Julian has been a contributing force for growth at our Toronto office as his energy and ambition is further enhanced by a charismatic persona making him a natural visionary for Aplin’s current and future successes.

As the face of this new venture, Julian will be sitting down with guests from the Aplin Martin network. Each episode will revolve around the trials and triumphs of our professionals as they navigate the vast and ever evolving world that is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm.

By sharing these stories, we hope to create conversations that transcend the basic understanding of what we do and allows our audience to gain meaningful insights on how our dynamic people and teams function to bring individual, client, and community goals to life.

Recordings will be available the first Monday of each month and are available to stream on YouTube, Apple and Spotify. We look forward to sitting down with you for a chat in The Workshop!