Mar 15, 2023

Survey General Manager Receives Prestigous Membership

We are incredibly proud to share that Bert Hol, Survey General Manager, has received a Lifetime Membership from the Association of BC Land Surveyors. Bert received his commission as BCLS #646 on May 18, 1984 and has now practiced for nearly 40 years.

Over the years, Bert has been a dedicated member to various Association committees such as the Strata Property Act Working Group, Air Space Parcel Working Group, Finance Committee, Strategic Planning Committee, Nominating Committee, Executive Committee and Government Liaison Committee and Complaint Inquiry Committee.

If that’s not enough, Bert has also served as a board member for the Board of Management of the ABCLS, and went on to become President of the ABCLS in 2001. He has also acted both as Vice-President and President while representing BC for the CCLS.

Bert has proven that he is an invaluable addition wherever he goes as his commitment to his trade and kindness to uplift and mentor those around him knows no bounds.

Please join us in congratulating Bert on this accomplishment recognizing a lifetime of distinction to the profession of land surveying in BC and across the country.