May 22, 2024

Robert Lew Promotion | Manager, Vancouver Engineering

We are thrilled to announce that Robert Lew, P.Eng., has been promoted to the role of Manager, Vancouver Engineering.

Since joining the firm in January of 2017, Robert has built upon his previous industry experience to first become an effective Project Manager and then Senior Project Manager, overseeing a large team and building strong relationships within our industry with our clients, municipalities, and contractors alike. During his time as Assistant Branch Manager, Robert was instrumental in the growth and advancement of the Vancouver Engineering team and its members in an expanded way.

Robert possesses a combination of strong technical engineering skills, personal experience in all key engineering design and management roles within his own career, and genuine care for the people around him that position him well to lead the Vancouver Engineering team in this next chapter of both his and the business group’s journey. His charisma and positive attitude make him a joy to work with, and his commitment to facilitating team member growth and development through knowledge sharing across the business group is evidenced through initiatives like the Vancouver Technical Roundtable and the support of a variety of internal educational opportunities.

We are excited to see how the group continues to advance in the months and years ahead. We know Robert will lead this tight-knit group to continued success moving forward.