Nov 14, 2023

Robert Lew Promotion

Robert joined Aplin Martin in 2017 and quickly demonstrated himself as an invaluable asset to the team. With over a decade of experience in project management and technical expertise in municipal engineering, stormwater management, traffic engineering, and asset management, he currently helps lead a team of over thirty engineering staff to provide civil consulting services in the land development and capital works sectors.

Robert began his career at Aplin as a Design Engineer and served the team in a variety of roles including Project Engineer, Project Manager, and Senior Project Manager. As his career has progressed, Robert has developed an acute understanding of project management, client services, and leadership, and utilizes these skills to support the growth of his team and the achievement of project success for Aplin’s clients.

In addition, Robert takes a keen interest in the personal and professional development of the Vancouver team providing valuable coaching, mentorship, and empowerment for those around him. We are deeply grateful for all that Robert does to contribute to our culture and the success of our people, our projects, and our clients.