Jul 5, 2024

Donato Bevacqua Promotion | Engineering Lead, Surrey Land Development

We are thrilled to announce that Donato Bevacqua, P.Eng., has been promoted to the role of Engineering Lead, Surrey Land Development.

Since 2020, the Surrey Land Development team has more than doubled in size. In his new role, Donato will ensure the group can continue to be well supported and will provide both leadership and support to all Surrey Land Development team members.

Donato began his journey with the firm in 2016 after gaining experience in both BC and Alberta as an EIT and P.Eng. As a project manager, Don has supported the growth of his team members and provided leadership and mentoring that have helped the team consistently exceed their goals and perform at a high level. This is further evidenced by the number of long-term clients the team services and the work they land via repeat business and referrals from those core clients.

A key element of this new role is being a leader in business development, an area in which Don has excelled through tireless efforts to build his personal brand and industry network for many years. Don’s passion for this company, the work we do, and most importantly, the people in it, is infectious and genuinely inspiring; it is seen and valued by our team members, clients, contractors, and municipal team members alike. 

We look forward to witnessing Donato's continued success as he embarks upon this exciting career milestone.