Apr 8, 2024

Carlos Marcondes Promotion

We are pleased to announce that Carlos Marcondes, P.Eng., has been promoted to the Project Manager role.

Carlos joined the firm in March of 2018 and fulfilled roles involving drafting and engineering design, growing into project coordination and oversight in recent years. Carlos is a go-to person on the team, demonstrating excellent problem-solving skills and an aptitude for oversight of construction on complex projects. Carlos has developed a strong working relationship with the City of Vancouver, landing significant projects such as the large Oak Street sewer separation project and the Hastings Sunrise infrastructure and green infrastructure renewal project.

Carlos’ drive and commitment to excellence have a positive impact on his teammates and his projects, and they will no doubt continue to serve him well in his new role.

You can catch Carlos in the latest episode of The Workshop podcast, which is available to stream wherever you get your podcasts.