Jul 2, 2024

Ben Rawlinson Promotion | Director, Interior BC / Alberta.

We are pleased to announce that Ben Rawlinson, P.L.Eng., AScT, has been appointed to the position of Director, Interior BC / Alberta.

Aplin Martin's presence in the Interior BC and Alberta markets continues to grow, building on the strong foundation our dynamic teams in these regions have established to date through their hard work both on project delivery and relationship development. In his new role, Ben will oversee the operations of the Kelowna Engineering, Calgary Engineering, Edmonton Engineering, and Alberta Survey groups and provide additional support to all levels of the organization in these regions, further setting them up for continued growth.

Ben first joined Aplin at the start of 2016, and over the past 4 years, the Kelowna team has seen well over 300% growth under his guidance. Ben brings a unique combination of technical knowledge, practical approaches, and deep client relationships to his work, and he has always put his heart into coaching and developing the people around him. Over the past few months, Ben has overseen the Edmonton Engineering team and continues to develop and expand his network both internally and externally in the Alberta region.

Ben is a valuable asset to the Aplin Martin family, and we are excited to see his continued impact in his new role.