David Chan, FEC, P,Eng., M.Eng.

David Chan is the General Manager and has more than 20 years of municipal engineering experience. Since joining Aplin & Martin in 1998, Mr. Chan has developed a comprehensive technical skillset for capital works improvement projects including multi-lane road improvements, pavement rehabilitation, storm drainage enhancements, sanitary sewer upgrades and water distribution replacement projects. Mr. Chan has considerable development experience with capabilities ranging from preliminary and conceptual design through to project construction.

As a certified contract administrator, Mr. Chan is responsible for cost estimating, tendering, design administration, contract preparation and processing claims from the contractor. Mr. Chan works directly with staff, subconsultants and project stakeholders and has a proven competence for resolving construction issues, addressing stakeholder needs and managing complex approval processes.

Mr. Chan demonstrates astute business management and development practices; consistently seeking opportunities for growth and processes aimed at creating value for clients, investing in the workforce and diversifying service offerings over the last five years. The success of these practices is done so by Mr. Chan’s dedication to creating sustainable relationships with both existing and potential clients. Mr. Chan and the senior management team guided the business with engagement with its staff, its managers and a strong network of community partners and business strategy leaders.