Ben Rawlinson, P.L.Eng., AScT

Ben Rawlinson has led various projects across numerous disciplines. With over 17 years of experience in the design and delivery of projects, Mr. Rawlinson’s expertise in multidisciplinary execution has vaulted Ben into leading design efficiencies of Local, National, Indigenous, and international natures. Mr. Rawlinson has created and instructed design teams from IT, Communication, and Engineering perspectives, lecturing at collegiate and university levels.

As an Engineer, a Technologist, an Environmental Professional (EPt) and a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM), Mr. Rawlinson has focused on adaptive designs that have led to innovation in technologies. Mr. Rawlinson is formally trained in the incorporation of public processes (IAP2) that satisfies stakeholder approvals; more importantly, balances benefits for all parties.

Mr. Rawlinson has led diverse teams that have proven efficiency models. International and local firms have invited Mr. Rawlinson to author and facilitate discussions on optimal uses of technology for the implementation and execution of design efficiency. Mr. Rawlinson is a member of dozens of advisory committees, including multiple municipalities and regional districts/Counties. Ben is a UDI (Urban Development Institute) Board Member, and volunteers his time for additional endeavors such as; Okanagan College Civil Engineering Program Advisory Committee, and member of the UDI Affordable Housing Committee.