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Land Development


Because of our innovative engineering design, and efficient, accountable project management services, Aplin Martin continues to secure return clients with diverse local and international interests. Our specialized expertise includes site analysis, strategic planning and project management. The Aplin Martin team also has extensive experience with conceptual and detailed site design, strategic approval management, land-use feasibility studies, cost estimates, project management, contract preparations, and construction administration.

At Aplin Martin, our team of planners and engineers are at the forefront of sustainable development, tackling complex land use and engineering servicing challenges, working to build sustainable communities that are capable of growth for diverse clients. Additionally, our dedication to innovative and sustainable design solutions has resulted in several of our recent projects obtaining Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.

Regardless of the final product, the land will need to be supplied with roads, drainage, sanitation, potable water, and fire protection. It is our team of planners and engineers, working at the forefront of sustainable design, who will ensure those needs are met.

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learn how our Land Development team can help develop a unique and cost-conscious solution for your individual or community project.