Architecture is the newest service we bring to the table, combining our many years of experience in development with structural creativity and innovation.  We are now able to visualize your project from below the ground to the highest point, and to offer the most comprehensive service as a complete team. From the initial conception to fulfillment, your project will take all systems into account with a clear focus on quality and sustainability – all delivered in one place by the Aplin Martin team.

It is the intent of Aplin Martin’s newly formed architecture department to provide architectural design services for a wide variety of project types, including residential, commercial, industrial and municipal projects of all sizes and scopes. We aim to provide a high quality of service to all clients, regardless of their project needs.

Our Architectural team has over fifteen years of experience throughout North America, with projects completed in eight provinces and thirty-five states in a wide range of markets including retail, commercial, residential, hospitality, industrial, municipal and education. Completed projects range in size and scope from small interior renovations and additions to freestanding buildings and developments.

Current Projects

Multi-Tenant Industrial Building
3488 190th Street, Surrey

A 38,000 sq ft 14 unit warehouse in the Campbell Heights North development in South Surrey. It will utilize tilt-up concrete construction, and is scheduled to break ground in the spring of 2016.

Mixed use Office and Retail Complex
Croydon and 24th Ave, Surrey

A mixed use development consisting of an 18,000 sf 2 storey office and retail building with two separate restaurant spaces with a combined area of 4,000 sf. The site will be part of the Morgan Crossing shopping district, while acting as a strong landmark on a prominent corner.

Mixed use Office and Retail Complex
20th Ave, Surrey

An 18,000 square foot mixed use building, with ground floor retail and restaurant spaces and two upper floors of office space. The building is carefully designed to work within the constraints of the BC Hydro corridor, while still maximizing floor area.

Mixed use Office and Retail Complex
72nd Ave, Surrey

A 19,000 square foot building with first floor retail and restaurant space and a second floor office space. The building is part of a new land use study for commercial neighbourhood along 72nd.

Wood St. Pump Station, Queensborough, New Westminster

Queensborough is located within the Fraser River Floodplain and protected from flooding by a perimeter dyke and a complex internal drainage system. The City is planning to replace the existing older drainage pump station on Wood Street with a new pump station, massively increasing pump capacity.

Petite Girafe Daycare, 28th Avenue, Surrey

A 5,000 square foot daycare facility planned for South Surrey, the proposed building intends to compliment the adjacent school, while being aesthetically and environmentally respectful of Wills Brook Park, on the eastern edge of the site.

Hear how our Architecture team can help you build out your next projects’ full service solution.