We pride ourselves on designing strong foundations for sustainable futures. Our Residential Development group is responsible for developing the project plans to make sure that groundwork is sound.

Mapping out the logistics that provide the foundation for new and vibrant spaces is exacting work. The Residential Development group, working primarily with single and multi-family residential projects, focuses on the initial steps of turning an empty lot into a place that people can call home. Regardless of the end product the land will need to be supplied with roads, storm water planning, sanitation and water. It is our team of planners and engineers, working at the forefront of sustainable design, who will ensure those needs are met.

Current Projects

Village of Kettle Valley, Kelowna BC

Aplin Martin was retained by Village of Kettle Valley to design and develop an 84-lot subdivision in the heart of Kelowna. An in-depth public engagement plan was implemented to incorporate public feedback on all levels of design. The project is to include large and small single family lots, a core town home site, linear trail dedications that connect existing view points and proximal parks and a 2.6 acre parkland donation for the creation of an athletic field, with Amphitheatre style seating for summer movies in the park.

South Surrey Subdivision, Surrey, BC

Aplin Martin is the prime consultant for this proposed 10-lot subdivision in South Surrey. Our Planning and Engineering group is working to establish a road network and lot layout that respects the steep topographical constraints of the property, as well as an existing Metro Vancouver sanitary trunk sewer that runs through the property.

The Southlands, Tsawwassen, BC

Detailed engineering design for “The Southlands”, a roughly 950-unit mixed-use sustainable community in Tsawwassen, BC, that will integrate open wild areas with agricultural use, along with residential living.

Evolve at the Hamptons, Surrey, BC

Working with Essence Properties on the development of “Evolve at the Hamptons”, providing both the engineering and survey services for the 30-unit town home project in South Surrey.

Latimer Village, Langley, BC

Civil engineering detailed design services that include a detention pond for all phases for Vesta Properties “Latimer Village” residential development in Langley, BC (Phase 1 and 2). The various projects are comprised of single-family residential lots, row homes, and a townhouse development site.

North Grandview Heights, Surrey, BC

Aplin Martin was retained by Cressey (Grandview) Development LLP to design a community detention pond in North Grandview Heights, to service the North Grandview catchment. The design of the detention pond integrates the overlapping use scenarios of a detention and habitat pond for local wildlife.

April Creek, South Surrey, BC

April Creek Developments Ltd. retained Aplin Martin to provide civil engineering consultant services for Phase 2 of the April Creek Subdivision. The 29 single-family-lot subdivision is located on 32nd Avenue and approximately 166 Street in South Surrey.

Ashbury Townhouses, Calgary, AB

Genesis Land Development Corporation retained Aplin Martin to provide civil engineering detailed design for a multi-family development in NE Calgary.

Hutton and Newport Townhouses, Airdrie, AB

Retained by Genesis Land Development Corporation to provide Civil engineering detailed design for multifamily developments in Airdrie,AB

Hotel Development, Kelowna, BC

Aplin Martin have been retained to provide Detailed onsite and offsite civil engineering design services for an iconic new boutique Hotel project developed by Westcorp on the City of Kelowna waterfront.

Hampton Cove, Ladner, BC

Aplin Martin were retained by Polygon Hampton Cove Homes Ltd. to provide comprehensive civil engineering design services for the Charterhouse and Fairwinds townhouse developments, located in Ladner, BC.

Milner Heights, Township of Langley, BC

Vesta Properties retained Aplin Martin for civil engineering consulting services for a project comprised of townhouse units and a mixed-use building for Phase 5a and Phase 6 in the Milner Heights development.

Little Mountain Housing Project, Vancouver, BC

Aplin Martin was retained to provide master planning for a civil engineering design project that also includes the design and provision of a rainwater management plan.