Aplin Martin’s affiliated survey firm has been providing reliable survey services for a range of engineering, commercial and residential development projects since 1968. Taking on variety of projects from legal boundary re-establishment, to topographic surveys for development and building permits, down to monitoring and high precision surveys, our certified BC Land Surveyors are exactingly thorough.

The survey team liaises with municipalities, engineers, architects, planning and legal professionals, providing spatial, boundary, and title information as required for land use, development and environmental protection. Providing consultation on Aplin Martin’s wide range of projects, as well as for their own clients, the survey team establishes the foundation and parameters upon which strong solutions are built.

Murray & Associates
201-12448 82nd Avenue Surrey, BC  V3W 3E9 Canada
Contact: Greg Marston, BCLS
Joe Riar, BCLS
Phone:604 597 9189
Fax: 604-597-9061
Email: Survey@murrayls.com

Our Survey Services Include

Legal Surveys

  • Boundary re-establishment
  • Subdivision & Consolidation
  • Buildings & Bare Land Strata
  • Air Space and Volumetric Surveys
  • Land Act surveys of Crown Land
  • Right-of-Way, Easements & Covenants
  • Commercial Building and Land Leases
  • Building Location Certificates
  • Ownership & Historical Tracking of Title
  • Determining Limits of Accretion & Erosion

Control Surveys/Engineering Surveys

  • High Precision Surveys
  • Monitoring Surveys
  • Building construction and Gridline Layout
  • Civil Construction Layout
  • As-constructed Surveys
  • Horizontal & Vertical Control for Digital Mapping
  • Topographic and Tree Survey
  • Digital Elevation Models